What is the meaning of aggression

what is the meaning of aggression

1a. Hostile or destructive behavior or attitudes: physical aggression ; verbal aggression ; emotional aggression. b. Forceful, assertive, or overbearing behavior or. It's been used since the s to mean "an unprovoked attack," from the Latin root word aggressionem, "attack," and in aggression was first used to mean. aggression meaning, definition, what is aggression: spoken or physical behaviour that is threatening or involves harm to someone or. Learn more. what is the meaning of aggression


What Does Passive Aggressive Behavior Look Like? Synonyms Examples Word Origin. Word Origin and History for aggressive Expand. Favorite Button CITE Translate Facebook Share. Yes, I understand," said the District Attorney; "you committed the aggression - you were compelled to, as it. The Oldest English Words. Delivered to your inbox! There was no aggression in the tone, and yet Chip felt a curious chill.

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